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High Speed Over-labeling Program Success Story
INOPAK assembled a team of dedicated technicians and built three over-labeling systems.

A major pharmaceutical company needed a quick turnaround for an industrial over-labeling project. A new label was required to mask an obsolete code on a packet. The label stock had to meet stringent specifications required by the industry but needed to be also placed exactly over the obsolete code without any possibility of the obsolete code from ever being visible. All product had to be in the market within a very short time frame. 

The Problem:

  1. 30 millions packets had to be top and bottom over-labeled with an Acceptance Quality Limit (AQL) of 5%.
  2. The system commission date was 7 weeks from the purchase order/deposit release date. Standard lead time for this type of system would normally be in the 14-16 week range.
  3. It was discovered that the obsolete code placement was not consistent on the packet. This resulted in a 10% AQL which would represent a loss of several million dollars in product.
  4. During the 7 week time line, two major blizzards hit the region which impacted delivery dates for required hardware. 

The Solution

  1. INOPAK assembled a team of dedicated technicians and built three over-labeling systems that included: 
    - Conveyance System provided by Dorner Manufacturing and Paletti USA
    - Automatic Feeder provided by Mulifeeder Technology.
    - Automatic Top and Bottom Labeling System provided by Re-Pack Inc.
    - Vision System provided by Datalogic Automation.
    - Reject Station by INOPAK 
  2. Upon discovery of the “drifting” obsolete code, INOPAK developed a solution through sensors and programming to identify the obsolete code placement variation and implement changes in label placement during production. 

The Result

  1. INOPAK installed three Over-Labeling Systems to the customer within customer time requirements. Required processing specifications were exceeded because the system was able to produce over 110 packets per minute.
  2. INOPAK was able to develop a solution for the obsolete code placement issue with an AQP of less than 0.05% saving the customer over $6 million in scrap product.
  3. Customer was able to recover 100% of the total system cost through reduced product scrap rate and meet market demands. 
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