New,  Used & Refurbished Packaging Machinery & Equipment

New, Used and Refurbished Packaging Machinery

Packaging Equipment

Unlike other suppliers, INOPAK has Factory Certified Technicians who conduct a full operational evaluation and refurbishment of all our used packaging equipment and machines. This evaluation and refurbishment includes:

Current Inventory

This evaluation and refurbishment includes:

  • Confirmation that the machines meet their OEM specifications 

  • Refurbishment of machine frame and structure when required
  • Upgrade of older OEM technology components to current technology components
  • Provision of OEM documentation and manuals 
  • INOPAK offers a 30, 60 or 90 day parts warranty on qualified equipment.

INOPAK has been providing refurbished machinery to the secondary packaging market for almost 40 years. Let us help you find an affordable used piece of equipment for your project today.


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