Strapping Machines

StraPack SQ-800Y

Side Seal Automatic Strapping System

The side-seal model SQ-800Y adapts easily to conveyorized automated packaging systems. The compact design of the arch requires only a 76mm or 3" gap in the conveyor. It is easy to slide the SQ-800Y out of the conveyor system when service is required. Several options are available to make it easy to integrate the SQ-800Y into a conveyor system. An end of cycle interlock signals the conveyor system to restart. The SQ-800Y is ideal for heavy products because the weight of the product is on the conveyor, not on the strapping machine. In applications where dirt and dust is a factor, the side-mounted head is also ideal.

  • 1.7 seconds per strap (equiv. to 35 straps per minute) 
  • Adapts easily to Automated packaging Lines 
  • Wide adaptability to Fully-Automated Packaging Lines 
  • Easy Strap Loading 
  • Variable Tension 
  • Quick Heater
  • Empty Strap Coil Detection 
  • Re-feed Function 
  • Automatic Strap Ejection 
  • Self-Diagnostic Mechanism

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