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High Speed Random Case Sealing for Fulfillment Centers

March 2, 2023

High Speed Case Sealers (both Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic) have seen increased demand as a result of online ordering growth.  Little David Case Sealers is leading this high-speed case sealing with its continued development with the following machines:

LDX-RTB Fast Random Case Sealing from INOPAK on Vimeo

LDX-RTB (semi-automatic random case sealer) is a random top & bottom case taper that automatically adjusts for case width and height. In the fast-pace of fulfillment centers, some models of the LDX-RTB are available to run up to 40 cases/minute.  In addition to this, the LDX-RTB can process over-stuffed and semi-empty cases with its optional pneumatic tape cartridges.
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LD-16AE (fully automatic random case sealer) is a high-performance random top and bottom case sealer that automatically adjusts for case width and height but also automatically folds all top flaps.   This allows for random case sealing up to 17 cases per minute without operator interaction.

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