Shrink Wrapping and Bagging Equipment

Texwrap – 3618ISS

The 3618 is an intermittent motion side seal machine designed to run very large products at moderate speed. It has a capacity of 36" wide and 18" tall. The 3618 is versatile enough to accommodate a variety of product sizes and configurations. 

  • 42” hot knife cross seal with precision temperature control
  • 36” wide infeed & exit conveyor / 18” cross seal jaw opening
  • Horizontal and vertical photoeye controlled cross seal to provide automatic adjustment for bag length
  • Variable speed control with belt speed of 100 feet per minute
  • Automatic autospace tuning feature adjusts machine to match upstream production
  • Autospacing for control of randomly spaced or choke fed products 

Call 800-338-7837 to discuss available options that may be required for your application. Please see Request A Quote Above for installed basic system pricing


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