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Laser Marking & Coding Systems – Industrial

PET, CO2, Pulsed Fiber, Digital, Economical, High Speed

From a stand-alone laser marking machine to integrated laser coding systems, INOPAK has the solution. We can provide the full range of industrial marking systems for a variety of applications.

PET CO2 Laser Coding System

Fiber Laser Coding System

Laser Marking System

CO2 Laser Coding System

CO2 Laser Coding System

Pulsed Fiber Laser System

CO2 Laser System

DPSS Air-Cooled Laser System

Laser Marking System

  • AREX compact fiber laser for part marking in the automotive and electronics industry
  • Ulyxe laser marker for surgical tools and devices in the medical industry
  • V-Lase industrial marking equipment for both plastic and metal marking in the electronics and automotive industry
  • Green Lase laser marking for plastic and thin film ablation for silicon and semiconductor applications in the electronics industry
  • UV Lase laser coding system for special materials such as glass and non-doped plastics in the automotive, healthcare, aeronautic, solar and electronics industry.

INOPAK is an authorized distributor for various coders, markers and verification manufacturers including Datalogic, Linx, Foxjet, Squid, Matthews, Loveshaw, Re-Pack and Microscan. From printing on any porous or non- porous substrate including PET bottles or cans, coding on the corrugate box with either inkjet or labeling machines or high speed CO2 laser coding on a foil, code verification and machine vision, INOPAK has the proven solution.

We offer a wide range of material handling options including industrial conveyor and conveyor design for both carton and pallet handling transport.

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