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Automated ID Solutions 2D - Distribution Scan Tunnel

Datalogic Matrix 410

Industrial 2D Barcode Imager - Scanner

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Is an industrial 2D imager purposely built for the most complex traceability applications in material handling and logistics, equipped with an ultra-fast image sensor that performs at 2.0 megapixels with a frame rate of 45 frames per second. The Datalogic Matrix 410N™ offers multiple communication options for increase flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

  • Patented ultra-fast strobed lighting with stable effect for operator
  • Patent Pending Packtrack 2D for short object gapping in
  • sortation applications
  • Embedded Ethernet connectivity, with common protocol support: PROFINET IO, ETHERNET/IP, TCP/IP, FTP, HTTP
  • On board image storage saving up to 3,000 image (scaled)
  • External connection box with parameter back up memory and display
  • Increased flexibility with single reading point or multiple
  • device cluster with easy configuration
  • Laser pointing system, good read Green Spot, focusing
  • aiming system
  • Remote, web-based WebSentinel

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