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Continuous Ink Jet Printing Solutions – Coding & Marking

Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) printers are the most flexible, highest speed printing available for manufacturing today. For many years this technology has been used as a printer for applying date and lot codes to a variety of products in the food industry. Not all industrial inkjets are the same so beware of the low cost – high maintenance inkjet printers that will only frustrate your operating and maintenance staff.

INOPAK can supply you with a variety of Linx CIJ models that require no ink stream alignment as well as minimum maintenance. There is no costly “high dollar” ink modules required. With a variety of inks available these inkjet markers are the solution you need.

Continuous Ink Jet Printer

Continuous Ink Jet Printer

Entry Line continuous inkjet printer

Continuous Ink Jet Printer

Continuous Ink Jet Printer

Continuous Ink Jet Printer


 New Linx 8900LI (Light Industrial) Bundle

The Linx solution is a new bundled system offering to accommodate light industrial coding needs.

• 8900 2M “LI” in 1240 or 3103
  2-Line Print Capable
• Stainless steel trolley on wheels
• Linx printhead bracket
Tri-tronics mini eye
  Short Range Proximity, invisible infrared LED Light Source
•Mini eye printhead bracket

Sales Price $7,495.00
(includes over $2,000 in accessories!)

This is a limited time offer - To find out more Contact us at (888) 816-8201 or email

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