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Case Sealing Tapes

Economical and Reliable Tapes

Safely secure your products using a variety of adhesive technologies. Water-based acrylic, synthetic hot melt rubber and solvent natural rubber adhesives available for carton sealing tapes. Available in both hand rolls for manual taping and machine rolls for automatic case sealing. Production grade, high performance grade and heavy duty grade industrial and specialty tapes are available. We offer delivery at no charge for qualified customers.

We can provide you with the most economical and reliable tape for package sealing applications from the production floor to the warehouse or if necessary to the freezer. Our systems approach includes on-site evaluations by qualified packaging specialists and technicians to determine your industrial taping specifications to provide the most cost effective solution.

Industrial Packaging Tapes (Hand and Machine length)

  • Masking
  • Tamper proof
  • Water Activated
  • BOPP High Strength Film
  • MOPP Pallet
  • Strapping
  • Double Sided
  • Electrical
  • Natural Rubber
  • Custom Printed
  • Foam
  • Gum
  • Duct
  • Reinforced Filament

INOPAK is an authorized distributor for Shuretape and Primetac packaging tapes. For over 25 years we have provided on-site support including tape cartridge repair at our local repair facility.

Prime Tac, Shurtape

Product Data Sheets Available

Shuretape General Purpose Grade Tape Synthetic rubber/resin hot melt adhesive

Shuretape General Purpose Grade Tape

Shuretape Production Grade Tape Cold Temperature Performance

Shuretape Production Grade Tape

Machine Sealing Tape

Machine Sealing Tape

Duct Tape

Duct Tape

Specialty Packaging Tape

Specialty Packaging Tape

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