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Case Forming and Sealing Systems

Using reliable automated case forming and sealing machinery can reduce your cost of tape and labor. Affordable case erection can be justified for forming as low as 500 cases per day. Hand taping will lead to unnecessary high tape usage which can be eliminated by using either random or uniform carton sealers. Case Sealer Equipment provides flexibility for your existing and future needs. Using reliable High-End automated case sealing machinery can reduce your cost of tape, time, and labor.

Our company has been providing case forming and sealing solutions for over 30 years. Our systems approach includes on-site evaluations by qualified packaging specialists and technicians to determine your industrial case erecting and carton sealing specifications to provide the most cost effective solution.

Case Former/Erector

Fully Automatic
Case Former

Fully Automatic
Uniform Case Sealer

Case Sealer

Uniform Case Sealer

Case Sealer

Stainless Steel
Semi-Automatic Case Sealer

Fully Automatic
Random Pressure Sensitive
Tape Case Sealer

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Case Formers & Erectors
  • Little David brand for up to 20 cases per minute
  • Carton forming machinery available in small footprint for limited space availability.
  • Heavy duty steel construction for industrial case erection
  • Chain and lug design to ensure box is square prior to transfer in case former
  • Semi-automatic case former available with bottom seal only for case accumulation
  • 304 food grade stainless steel available for harsh environments
  • Large Format Case Erectors for your High-End production process.
Case Sealers
  • Random and uniform systems for 2” or 3” tape
  • Versatile case sealing machine with quick release drive belts requiring no tools
  • Easily change equipment to mirror image in the field
  • Top and bottom drive or side belt drive case taping models available
  • Sealing equipment can run small box sizes as narrow as 3-1/4” in width and 2 ¾” in height
  • Industrial carton sealing equipment with heavy duty tubular steel construction
  • 304 food grade stainless steel available for harsh environments
  • High-End case sealing machines available in pressure sensitive tape or water activated tape

INOPAK is an authorized distributor for Loveshaw case forming, case erecting, and carton sealing equipment. We have provided various secondary packaging solutions with Loveshaw machinery for many industries such as distribution centers, poultry, beef, pork and seafood as well as lumber, newspaper, corrugated boxes, and commercial printing. INOPAK is also an authorized distributor for Schneider Packaging. They provide High-End solutions for Case Sealing and Case Erecting for your end of line process.

For over 30 years INOPAK has developed a reputation for providing the finest case sealers, case erectors, case forming machines and systems integration with in plant service and support including training and regular preventive maintenance programs

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