Innovative Solutions for
Process Improvement

Automated ID Solutions - Distribution Scan Tunnel

Whether you are looking to scan dimensions of parcels to ensure accurate billing or postal & courier express sorting, INOPAK has a variety of vision scan tunnels to improve your productivity. Take a look at a small sampling of what INOPAK has to offer

Industrial 2D Barcode
Imager - Scanner

2D Barcode Reader

Industrial Barcode Readers
& Scanners - Tires

Long Range
Linear Auto ID Cameras

Laser Barcode Scanners

Industrial Laser Barcode

Postal & Mail Order
Industrial Vision Camera System

INOPAK is an authorized distributor for various sensors, scanners and visions systems. We also provide coding and marking solutions as well as a wide range of material handling options including industrial conveyor and conveyor design for both carton and pallet handling transport.

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