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Datalogic upgrades ACCUSORT legacy long-range barcode readers and high end camera systems


Datalogic AV6010AV6010

The AV6010 is a high-performance, long-range camera barcode reader.  The AV6010 provides outstanding image quality and performance for the most demanding 1D and 2D symbology applications, combined with the industry's highest reliability and easiest installation.

Features & Benefits

  • Read rate 99.9% for Grade A labels
  • Highest possible read rates on good and fair quality codes
  • Virus-free operating system (Linux)
  • Integrated dimensioning, certified Legal-for-Trade
  • Integrated Side-by-Side detection
  • Auto-calibration Wizard reduces total commissioning setup time


  • Postal/Parcel sorting and tracking
  • Automated warehousing identification systems
  • Receiving / shipping systems


Datalogic NVS 9000NVS 9000

The NVS9000™ is the Datalogic Automation industrial high-end camera system, designed to drastically improve the productivity of postal, mail order and distribution companies. NVS9000™ embeds the latest and most powerful camera technology of the market into a modular, easy and reliable product. NVS9000™ delivers top reading performance, simple integration, easy installation and top industrial reliability for a very low customer total cost of ownership.

NVS Stop & Go Function

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent reading performance for higher system throughput
  • Extended Field of View:1400mm (55")
  • High reading performance on high speed conveyors: 4.8m/s (945 fpm)
  • Reduced overall System Dimension: 2.2m (7ft)
  • Video-Coding & OCR ready
  • Integration with dimensioning and scale system
  • Integration with Laser systems
  • Easy installation by a single installer in few hours
  • Easy maintenance and quick replacement
  • Industrial reliability and consistency
  • STOP & GO FUNCTION for higher read rate and simpler control


This product series has been developed to satisfy to requirements of the following reference applications:

  • Postal and logistics applications
  • Distribution applications
  • Garment and multimedia sorting
  • Reverse logistic processes
  • Suitable for OCR and video-coding

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