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Automated Vision Inspection System

Datalogic T-Series

Machine Vision Cameras - IP67 Rated Enclosure

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Smart camera that provides customers with outstanding performance in an industrialized and compact package. Equipped with a powerful 1.1 GHz processor, the T4x-Series performance is exceptional in value and functionality.

  • IP67 Rated Enclosure with sealed connectors – No bulky “add on” enclosure required for harsh environments
  • Three High Quality CCD Resolution Sensor Options – Delivering reliable and stable image quality performance
  • Can be run with or without an operator interface – For full turnkey integration capability or stand-alone use
  • Complete Impact software toolset for ultimate programming flexibility – Ability to address any inspection and user interface needs through Impact software
  • Complete communications support, including RS232 Serial, Ethernet, and Discrete I/O – For easy data transfer to any industrial platform
  • Real-time operating system – Offers highly deterministic timing for precise output of inspection results

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