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Automated Vision Inspection System

Datalogic A-Series

Machine Vision Cameras - Harsh Industrial Environments

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Is a standalone, general purpose, and cost effective Smart Camera that can be installed even in harsh industrial environments. Due to the ultimate programming flexibility offered by Impact software, the A30 Series represents the answer to every machine vision need.

  • IP67 Rated Enclosure with sealed connectors – No bulky “add on” enclosure required for harsh environments
  • High quality VGA CCD sensor – delivering reliable and stable image quality performance
  • Can be run with or without an operator interface – For full turnkey integration capability or standalone use
  • Complete Impact software toolset for ultimate programming flexibility – Ability to address any inspection and user interface needs through Impact software
  • Complete communications support, including RS232 Serial, Ethernet, and Discrete I/O – For easy data transfer to any industrial platform
  • Real-time operating system – Offers highly deterministic timing for precise output of inspection results

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